Vice 84 'Summer Sports'

As sports capsule inspired

by the 80s…

Vice 84 has been a staple brand for the UN:IK collective for 5 years now. Launching with us, it has maintained it’s own image and position firmly in the independent streetwear ladder. Within that 5 years the brand has produced numerous designs, from bootlegs of logos, to bolder designs and then the more minimal. All these have continued to follow the same vibe; inspiration from 80s colours and culture.

The latest collection has been no different…


The products…

We tasked designer Jack with creating a design set that would fit a ‘Summer Sports’ based capsule. Smooth logos with lots of colours, to match with pastel garments. This is exactly what was produced. Introducing the ‘Washed Swimshort’ as a key product in this range, we wanted to style different tees that would go with these. Both colours after being introduced to the store sold out on the first night of release.

Another Quarter Zip which has been a staple product for Vice 84 over the last few years, with a sports style print. 4 t-shirts including a multi panel constructed tee which screams 80s sports brand styling.


The shoot…

We’ve always taken our photoshoots super serious. It’s so important to capture the style of the range, with the aesthetics of the photoshoot. For this capsule, we sourced a longstanding Athletics Stadium in the North West and were kindly allowed to use it.

It embodied retro with its rustic stand, classic running track and vintage brickwork styling. It was perfect and we fully managed to capture an 80s sports style set of images.

We wanted to model to look as if he was partaking in exercise. The importance of staying active is crucial, you can also argue looking good whilst being active is just as important.

The imagery we then adapted to look like old magazine print advertising / articles. You would often find imagery like this in 80s magazines, especially when the 1984 Olympics was taking place in LA.