Melé x Club Bad x UN:IK

We link with Melé to launch Club Bad merch…

Krissy aka Melé was a wearer of UN:IK from our earlier stages as we were fans of his movement and what he was bringing to the dance-floor. After a few drunken meets at Glastonbury & SGP, when we saw the Club Bad ‘brand’ begin to emerge, we immediately reached out to his team to make something happen. The potential to collaborate the aesthetics across to streetwear merch was too obvious, this is where the credit must go down to designer Joel Burden from London. Illustration is hard to come by in the streetwear scene these days with the dominance of text graphics, however Joel boasts a unique style that emphasises fun and playfulness in these designs, which is exactly what you’ll encounter on a Club Bad night.

Watch Krissy talk about Club Bad in a video we shot with him at WHP. Krissy wears the sold out Lips Tee.

The first release of merch, including the Lips, Tiger & Dancing Feet tees all sound out on launch night (some pieces within the hour). The same then occurred for the restock 2 weeks later. So nice one, if you managed to cop these. We’ve been sent photos of them on dance floors not just round the UK, but all round the world!

The latest news in regards to Club Bad… Krissy has just launched it as a record label, which will no doubt excel as his journey does. The first release on the label is from the bossman himself titled ‘The 95 vibe’. In regards to new merch, a small break has been taken to collate ideas, you’ll see something very soon…

Make sure you’ve got Club Bad followed up on Instagram from the start - @club.bad